Sarah M Davies

Edinburgh-based freelance writer and blogger who can help you deliver motivation, wellbeing and self-care content with actionable takeaways to help your readers connect with themselves and the world around them.

Indie author of 2 collections of short stories ('50 Years In The Making' and 'The Second Time'), and the historical novella 'Fountains: The Sacrist's Tale'.

My fiancé and I live in different parts of the UK. When can we be together again?

As of yesterday here in Newport, South Wales, I’m able to have a socially distant meet up with another household outside for the first time since lockdown began. I’ll be seeing my Mum and Dad for a long awaited cup of tea in my garden. But I won’t be seeing my Edinburgh-based fiancé, who I was meant to move in with in April and marry in May - two major life events we have had to repeatedly postpone since the pandemic began. This was supposed to be our big year: I went to Scotland at the end of